Authentic Valencia Paella’s
La Paella King is a Fast Food Spanish Gastronomic Delivery company.
The menu mainly focuses on “Authentic Valencia Paella’s.”

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Spanish Executive Head Chefs

A taste of Spain

Our Spanish Executive Head Chefs with their teams of chefs will support and serve our Franchisors and their customers a taste of Spain’s delicious authentic dishes and will stimulate their taste buds with our authentic Paella and Fideua dishes.

100% authenticity

All La Paella King Outlets have the option of one of our Executive Spanish Chefs and a Spanish Executive Chef Trainee. With our Head office based in Valencia, Spain we are best placed to constantly supply these Specialist chefs, Reconfirming La Paella Kings 100% authenticity for all of our customers.

Looking for the Next Hot Franchise?

If you are thinking about a burger, pizza or sandwich franchise, think again. As these concepts continue to struggle, Spanish cuisine is predicted to be the next unique long term trend in the King Franchise. So if you want a little here is your opportunity to be ahead of the curve.

La Paella King offers the best of Spanish traditional Paellas and flavors, all under one roof!

This is Your Opportunity to Become Part of the Hottest Spanish Concept throughout the globe!

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